About Us

HBG is an access point, meeting place and information resource for the worldwide community of handbuilt custom bicycle enthusiasts. We are read in more than one hundred countries. Companies and owners alike may display their bicycles and related products, and information sharing is encourged.

The two main sections, HBG and HBG News, are industry-supported publications. We focus our attention on those companies that pay to support the website and through it the handbuilt custom bicycles and high-end niche. As such it could be said we have an editorial bias, but our articles don't read significantly different from advertising-supported publications. We will never publish anything we believe to be misleading or incorrect. 

The HBG production team is a creative, widely diverse group of individuals, all committed and experienced cyclists.  Our aim is to create a worldwide online community for small cycling-related businesses that connects customers, frame builders, component makers and other manufacturers and service providers. 

Founder and publisher: 

 Paul Skilbeck

News Editor:  Matt Butterman
Vintage Bikes Editor:  Brian Ignatin
Editorial Intern:  Ryan Ho
Photographers: Mark Dawson/Mark Dawson Studio, Jessica Lifland, Paul Skilbeck
Columnists: Craig Calfee, Darrell McCullough, Richard Sachs, Anna Schwinn, Jon Severson
Web Development Project managers:  Current: Alexander Mihalkov
Programmers:  ToBeCode.com: Antonio Ganchev, Alexander Mihalkov
Designers:  Current: Paul Skilbeck, Kiril Peterchev
Administrative and clerical Staff:  Current: Paul Skilbeck
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