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 Portus Cycles

Frame Builder

  • Alex Clauss
  • Pforzheim, DE
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Alex Clauss began building bicycles as a child, creating these from scrap parts to raise funds for a local charity drive run by his local fire department. Several years later, Portus Cycles grew out seeds sown when Clauss worked for German bike parts company Tune - where he was encouraged to be crea...

 Cherubim by Shin-ichi Konno

Frame Builder

  • Shinichi Konno
  • Machida, JP
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Konno Cycle Works was founded in 1965 by Hitoshi Konno, brother of Yoshi Konno, and father of Shin-ichi, the present owner. The bicycle brand name, Cherubim, was chosen by Hitoshi's mother, a Christian, and the angelic moniker was intended to give wings not only to the riders of Cherubim bicycles, b...

 Llewellyn Custom Bicycles

Frame Builder, Lugs & Parts

  • Dazza McCulloch
  • Brisbane, AU
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Llewellyn's bespoke steel bicycles are made in Australia for cyclists all over the world. When you contact Llewellyn Custom Bicycles you will be speaking to me, Dazza McCulloch, the designer and maker of your new frame. My goal is to build you a Llewellyn bicycle that will give you many years of enj...

 Dogwood Cycleworx

Frame Builder, Retailers

  • David Johnson
  • Bellevue, US
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Handcrafting nine tubes into tailored vehicles for personal freedom

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Owners bicycles

Alex Gonzalez's V.LOW

Frame builder: Low

Type: Track sprint

Material: Aluminum

Shinichi Konno's Triplecrown

Frame builder: Shin-ichi...

Type: Track sprint

Material: Steel

Shinichi Konno's Sticky

Frame builder: Shinichi ...

Type: Road racing an...

Material: Steel

Justin Simarro's Sparkling Pony

Frame builder: Milwaukee...

Type: Polo

Material: Steel

Brian Ignatin's Red Rickert...

Frame builder: Brian Ign...

Type: Road racing an...

Material: Steel

Diana Umana's Not Ready

Frame builder: Diana Umana

Type: Tall

Material: Steel

Jonathan Gaull's JG Mk1

Frame builder: Jonathan ...

Type: Other

Material: Bamboo

Jason Fernandez's Gunnar Cross

Frame builder: Gunnar

Type: Other

Material: Steel

Andy Sparks's Galaxy Fighter

Frame builder: Brad Hodges

Type: Fixed Gear fre...

Material: Steel

Craig Calfee's Dragonfly 44

Frame builder: Calfee

Type: Road racing an...

Material: Carbon compo...

Michael Harrison's Double Dee

Frame builder: Michael H...

Type: Other

Material: Steel

Jason Montano's Crack Bike

Frame builder: Jason Grove

Type: Tandem road

Material: Steel

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2024-07-04 11:11:00

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Bicycles / Bilenky's Gravel eBike

2024-07-03 15:04:00

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