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In terms of show awards, Naked Bicycles is one of the most successful anywhere. This small custom bicycle manufacturing workshop was founded in 1998 and creates bicycles one by one with love, logic, and elbow grease. The simple elegant beauty of the bicycle remains a source of inspiration amazement among the three-person staff at Naked Bicycles, despite daily use for transport and recreation. The notion of creating a vehicle with a few simple tools for uses as varied as zipping around a velodrome in only a few seconds or around the world at just the right speed presents endless opportunities. Walking the talk, in 2012 for the NAHBS event in Sacramento, company founder Sam Whittingham and his intern Iolo loaded up their touring bikes, shipped whatever wouldn't fit, and pedaled their way to the show. In 2016 Naked Racing was formed: a single-speed cyclocross racing team. The goal of Naked is to keep a monster size grin on the faces of its customers.

Owner's bio:

Sam Whittingham says bike racing found him when he was 15 years old. On that path he gained experience racing on the road, mountain bikes, track, recumbents, ultra cycling, long-distance touring, and for several years held a world record in HPV cycling. He picked up welding, machining, painting and designing skills long before building bike frames. Some of these were acquired during a stint of theater set design. He built his first bicycle frame in 1998 for a friend who still rides it daily. He began winning show awards at NAHBS in 2008, with a bike Lance Armstrong bought on the spot. With a name and an obvious talent, requests for custom frames came pouring in and Sam's future was set. He was born and raised on Quadra Island, known for it's artistic community, and he lives there with his own family.


Naked Racing, a single-speed cyclocross team.

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Study Build, Shimano, Industry Nine

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